Diploma in Civil Engineering

About the Course

Civil Engineering is considered to be the most versatile branch among all the engineering branches. It is the branch with a lot of diversity from geotechnical sciences to structural engineering, environmental to hydraulics, transportation to hydrology; Civil Engineering (CE) can be considered as a single largest branch among all the engineering branches. The degree holders of civil engineering plan, design and supervise construction of facilities essential to modern life. These facilities vary widely in nature, size and scope including space satellites and launching facilities, offshore drilling structures, bridges, buildings, highways and other transport systems, tunnels, airport, dams, harbors and other infrastructure. A civil engineering degree prepares you to work in various engineering areas, from construction to communications infrastructure. Today’s civil engineers face the challenge of creating structures which at times seen to defy gravity, defy engineering science and even defy logic. Yet, these amazing structures are firmly based in scientific principle; seeming to bend scientific laws to meet the needs of the architect.


4 years

Eligibility Criteria

10+2 with Physics and Mathematics as compulsory subjects along with one of the following subjects: Chemistry / Biotechnology / Computer Science / Biology with at least 50% marks (45% in case of candidates belonging to SC/ST category) in the aggregate.

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Career Prospects

Roles are available in both engineering organizations and other industries. Civil Engineering (CE) graduates are also valued in commercial and corporate sectors such as finance, banking and accountancy.
Your degree would be of great value in operational management, supply chain management, procurement, intellectual property, and logistics and after-sales management.  If you are looking for a well-paying career with a secure future, there are few fields that offer as much potential as civil engineering. As mankind strives to build bigger buildings, utilizing living and working space better, civil engineers will face new challenges in making structures which are stronger, more resistant to natural disaster and have greater capacities. This is a growing field, where the challenges are increasing as mankind stretches the envelope of our existing materials science.

In  Civil Engineering Branch the study is related to Drawing ,Design and Construction of Buildings, Railways, Highways ,Steel Structure , Canals ,Bridges ,Water Supply System etc. The Department offers various Educational training camps in the  field  of Concrete Technology .Various types of  tools and equipments are used for research  like as compression testing  machine, incubator.

Departmental  Labs  Of Civil  Engg:

  • Survey Lab:– Through this Lab students do the practical work related to the survey  Engg. For practical work various types of instruments are available such as transit theodolite ,digital theodolite pantagraph ,levels and measuring type instruments. This lab also contain all the instrument for Survey Camp in Hilly Area.
  • Soil and foundation Engineering Lab :-This Lab used to provide the knowledge of  soil property by the use of various experiments such as liquid limit test , plastic limit test ,triaxial shear test ,unconfined testing machine .
  • Concrete technology Lab : In this Lab students are made aware about the various properties and behaviour of concerete through the various experiments such as vicat  appratus ,Le-chatilier appratus ,prepration of concrete, concrete  compaction by vibrator.
  • Highway Engineering Lab:-In this Lab various moderen equipments and machines are available for various experiments on the highway construction , all the materials that are used for construction of road are tested by experiments such anglous testing machine ,ductility of bitumen  by ductility testing machine.
  • Water supply and Waste water Engg. Lab :-This Lab provides the information about the various properties of water. In this Lab, experiments are conducted to test the property of drinking and waste water, for conducting tests,  various instruments such as water analysis kit,B.O.D incubator ,colony counter,six jar test appratus are uesd.
  • Structure Mechanics Lab:- This Lab provides the information about the various properties of material such as elasticity ,plasticity ,toughness, ductility and brittleness.
  • Computer Application Lab:- In this, various computers are provided to the students installed with latest Autocad software to learn & to design some objects related to Civil Engg.

Career Opportunities

  • All the Government departments related to Civil Engineering
  • Public Sector Undertakings
  • Entrepreneurship/Self Employment
  • Real Estate/Infrastructure development companies/Manufacturing Units
  • Consultancy Services
  • Defense Research Organizations

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