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The excellent faculty is dedicated to training the students for job learning opportunities by organizing various activities.

Our skills help to increase their creativity & innovation in the development of technology as well as the organization.

Live projects, research assignments, competitions, management games/ quizzes, industrial training, guest lectures, conferences and seminars.

Our every eligible student gets an opportunity in the industries. The cell aims to achieve 100% placement assistance to our students.

The students are prepared for the skills that are set by the organizations where they can work. We also provide guidance to students in the further study.

JCDV facilitating direct interaction between companies & students. We remain in touch with Industries and Corporate offices throughout the year.

We shape professional leaders who shape the world

The Training and Placement Cell, an integral part of Jan Nayak Ch. Devi Lal Vidyapeeth, Sirsa, is engaged in moulding the careers of the students. The institute has provided complete infrastructure facilities for the effective functioning of the cell. The placement cell renders good coordination with different organizations and provides well-developed infrastructure to facilitate the campus selection programs. The cell is committed to providing all possible assistance to its students for their efforts to get the employment. It provides services around the year to facilitate contacts between companies and students. This cell is supported by the training manager as well as assistant training and placement officer of different branches of engineering, college of pharmacy and institute of business management existing in the campus of JCD Vidyapeeth.  Having a member of different fields in this cell, the committee develops a broad policy framework every year. Training activities are organized throughout the year with an effort for preparing the prospective students for the campus selection programs. Job offers, dates of interviews, selection of candidates, etc. are announced through individual e-mails and the placement office notice board.

Our training and placement office performs the following activities throughout the year

Inviting reputed organizations for campus recruitment. Our students learn not only through well-equipped classroom and laboratory facilities but also through active participation in the seminar organized by the institute, invited lectures from different industries and institutions, student societies and competitions, the program for developing presentation and communication skills, societal activities, exposure due to teamwork in projects, etc. Books, available in the college library, help the students for the preparation of interviews and entrance examinations. Our aim is to create a complete personality in our students, professionally, socially and morally. In the cell, staffs are available to respond to the questions of the students pertaining to all kinds. This may include advice on placement procedures, preparation of applications and resumes, and practices for interviews. Those considering careers in education or in related fields are offered detailed career guidance at this cell. All advice is based on up-to-date placement statistics and projected with a view of future educational and industrial trends. Every effort is undertaken to create opportunities for our students to get placements. We hope to reach maximum placements level in the years to come. It is my great privilege to extend the wholehearted invitation to industries, R&D establishments, companies in IT, and other sectors to the Jan Nayak Ch. Devi Lal Vidyapeeth for the recruitment of students. I would like to assure that their placement team will have a very productive and satisfactory visit to this institute and will be benefited by selecting eminently suitable students.

Placement Process

  • The placement department sends placement invitation letters to the companies enclosing a brief summary of the courses available at  JCD Vidyapeeth.
  • A Placement   Performa (PFA) is required to be filled in by the company. The completed Performa along with a brief company profile, job profile and details about campus recruitment drive is sent by the company to the Placement Office.

Placement Activity

  • Visits to various companies
  • Visits by the corporate captains in the college
  • MNC big wigs to the college campus for seminar & conference
  • Creation of Alumni association, meetings & get-together
  • Creation of placement brochure and Data bank.
  • Campuses-Joint, Small & Off Campuses.

Corporate offices are welcome

As a part of our continuous strives to bring the top companies to the Institute premises, we would like to invite corporate offices to consider the possibilities of conducting your recruitment drive for B.Tech. students. We would be happy to fix a mutually convenient date for the visit to our campus. Please feel free to send me a message or call us at any time for any further information or clarification.

Students Contact

The challenges in today’s global industries are brawny and growing engineers need to develop compatible skills and continuous up gradation to fill up the vacuum. JCDV make certain true industry exposure & value-added skill development to meet the high-end industry expectations. The cell consists of student placement representatives and the placement coordinator from each department.

How To be Selected
for a Job?

The Institute provides Placement Assistance and Career Guidance to students. We work rigorously throughout the year, arranging placements for our students. We always remain in touch in various organizations not only in India but around the world.

Additionally, we also provide guidance to students for Higher Study. Please feel free to call me, when you required immediate help otherwise send me a message on [email protected] or [email protected]

Training & Placement Officer