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Central Committees 

The following Central Committee has been constituted for JCDV with the approval of Management for the session 2016-17, as per Agenda Item no 5th of the meeting dated 21st Aug., 16

IQAC Cell  

Chairperson:  Sr. Vice Chairman / Director Academic
Members :

  1. Dr. Dinesh Kumar Gupta
  2. Dr. Jai Parkash
  3. Dr. Rajeshwer Chawla
  4. Dr. Kuldeep Singh
  5. Er. R.S. Brar
  6. Dr. Anupama

External Members:

Administrative Officer:  Mr. Sudhanshu Gupta, Offg. Registrar.
Member  Secretary / Coordinator:  Dr. Pardeep Snehi

In the below-mentioned committees, Director Academic will act as Chairperson, and all others Directors / Principals will be the members, coordinators cum member secretaries are as follow:-

  1. Guidance and Counseling Cell –  Member Secretary: Dr. Kuldeep Singh
  2. Placement and Training Cell – Member Secretary: Sh. Manish Chandra, TPO
  3. Ethical & Anti Ragging – Member Secretary: Dr. Rajeshwar Chawla , Dr. Anupama , Er. R.S. Brar , Dr. Dinesh Kumar Gupta
  4. Admission Cell – Member Secretary: Sh. Manish Chandra, Dr. Dinesh Kumar Gupta, Dr. Jai Parkash, Dr. Pardeep Snehi, Dr. Rajeshwer Chawla, Dr. Kuldeep Singh, Er. R.S. Brar, Dr. Anupama, Mr. Sudhanshu Gupta
  5. Central Maintenance Cell  – Member Secretary: Mr. Akash Chawla, Er. R.S. Brar, Special Invitees: Chief Accounts Officer Manger incharge Maintenance Cell
  6. Alumni Association – Member Secretary: Dr. Dinesh Kumar Gupta, Special Invitees: Sh. Manish Chandra
  7. Proctors  Board – Member  Secretary: Dr. Kuldeep Singh, Dr. Jai Parkash, Dr. Arindam Sarkar, Dr. Pardeep Kamboj
  8. Central Grievance Cell –  Member  Secretary: Dr. Jai Prakash,  Dr. Pardeep Snehi, Dr. Anupama, Arindam Sarkar
  9. Central Sports Cell – Member  Secretary: Dr. Pardeep Snehi & All Principal of JCDV ; Special Invitee: Sh. Amrik Singh
  10. Sexual Harassment Committee – Chairperson:  Dr. Anupama , Dr. Madhu , Mrs. Sushma Hooda, Dr. Kuldeep Singh, Dr. Pardeep Snehi , Dr. Dinesh Kumar Gupta
  11. Grant and Scholarship Committee – Member Secretary: Dr. Dinesh Kumar Gupta, Dr. Shikha Raheja, Dr. G D Singla, Dr. Ramesh
  12. National and International Seminars /Industry Linkage Committee – Member Secretary: Dr. Kuldeep Singh, Dr. Anupama, Dr. Jai Parkash
  13. Cultural Committee – Member Secretary:  Dr. Pardeep Snehi
  14. Central Woman Cell – Member Secretary : Dr. Anupama
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