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“Water driven Car” designed by students of JCDM College of Engineering certified as “Pollution free car”

-Biggest achievement on Environment Day

It is a matter of great pride that “Water driven car” designed by students of JCDM College of Engineering received Pollution under control certificate from Transport department, Govt. of Haryana. It has been certified that the level of pollution is quite below than the prescribed standards. Dr. Himanshu Monga, Principal JCDM College of Engineering congratulated the team members of “Water Driven Car” along with Er. Dinesh Sharma, Head Department of Mechanical Engineering. He further added that increasing environment pollution is a serious issue and petrol/diesel based vehicles are sources of major contribution towards it. Thus design of this non conventional energy source (water) based environment friendly car is really appreciable. Shishpal Rar, Tarachand Saharan, Pardeep Siger, Kuldeep Jangra, Vikash Khoth and Gourav Kumar, Students of Department of Mechanical Engineering informed that the car was tested for level of pollution and it has been found that percentage of Carbon dieoxide, Carbon monoxide, Hydrocarbon,Oxygen and Nytrogen oxide was extremely below than the prescribed standards for being pollution free. Moreover the level of pollution was very less when tested with petrol as fuel in it. It shows that design of this car is completely environment friendly and can help in controlling pollution. The car has been designed under the supervision of Er. Gurvinder Singh, AP (ME).
Sh. Akash Chawla, Management coordinator JCD Vidyapeeth, Dr. R.R. Malik, Director Academic and Sh. Sudhanshu Gupta, Registrar also congratulated the students as well as staff members for their achievement. Team members of project and faculty members were present on the occasion.

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