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Rules of Eligibility for Merit Cum Need Scholarship

  • The students of JCD College of Pharmacy, JCD Diploma College of Pharmacy and JCD College of Engineering must secure 70% marks and the students of JCD Dental College and JCD College of Physiotherapy must secure 60% marks during the 1st year of the course for making themselves eligible for this award. Where the semester scheme is applicable the marks of both the semester will be taken into account.
  • The attendance of the students in the previous class must be at least 80%
  • The students should not have reappear in the previous University Examination.
  • The Student’s family income should not exceed Rs. 1.10 lac per annum.
  • The Student must submit income certificate from employer(s). If the student’s family is not in employment , they must produce income certificate from land revenue authority
  • The Parents of the students should not be income tax payee.
  • The students should have taken admission through normal university admission procedure
  • The Final selection of the awardees of the scholarship will be made through screening committee in which they candidate and his/her parents will be interviewed.
  • An affidavit to the effect that the total family income is below Rs. 1.10 lac will be required to be submitted by the parents of the selected candidates. At any stage, if any discrepancy is noticed the whole amount of the scholarship will have to be refunded.
  • The cut-off date for receipt of application for the award will be 1st Sep every year and the award will be given at the time of jayanti Celebrations i.e. 25th Sep every year.
  • The eligible students will be paid Rs 11000/- as one time merit –cum need scholarship who was earlier awarded of this scholarship does not maintain the required academic standard ,he will not be considered for the award of this scholarship next year. The Students maintaining the required standard will be eligible for award of this scholarship during the next year or subsequent years.

The award will be given during 2nd year on the basis of the results of 1st year. Only one scholarship will be awarded to a student at a time.

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