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Dr. Kuldeep Sngh Dhindhsa

Message from Director General JCDV

It is a universal truth that the quality of a nation depends upon the quality of its education. With this vision Jan Nayak Ch. Devi Lal Vidyapeeth was established in the year 2002 under the aegis of Ch. Devi Lal Memorial Trust headed by its President Ch. Abhay Singh Chautala. To develop JCDV into a ‘Centre of Excellence we seek and strive for the inculcation of humanitarian values among the students to realize the ideals of peace, harmony, fraternity and equality in society and promote national integration.

Further, I am committed to providing a vibrant environment most conducive to the process of teaching and learning which results not only in increased productivity but also fosters camaraderie and institutional spirit. I believe that JCD Vidyapeeth under the Chairmanship of Sh. Arjun Singh Chautala will produce scholars, managers, professionals and policymakers who will exhibit superior work ethics, high commitment, impervious focus, extraordinary decisiveness, strong persistence and positive attitude. I am sure that the students passing out from JCDV shall prove to be an asset to the nation by demonstrating strong academic performance.

I wish all the colleagues engaged in the task a grand success.

Prof. Dr. Kuldip Singh Dhindsa
Director General, JCDV

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